3 FREE Interactive
Japanese Lessons Will
Have You Speaking Conversational Japanese
In 72 Hours Or Less.

If you had to speak Japanese...

  • While traveling through beautiful Japan,
  • In Business Meetings, Conferences or Negotiations,
  • In class with peers and teachers,
  • Or with family and friends...

...Could You Speak As Fluent As Ashley Jones?

Yes! And Our 3 FREE Interactive
Japanese Lesson Will Prove It.

From: Peter Galante, Innovative Language Learning
Subject: Quick Message From Peter Before Your Free Lessons

Can I try and make your nerves rattle a bit? Imagine this scenario...

Say you were about to get on a plane to fly to Japan. Where you'll be (1) traveling alone, (2) staying with friends AND (3) attending meetings at your corporate headquarters in Tokyo.

If you were expected to speak Japanese with the locals, friends AND in business meetings, would you be a bit overwhelmed?

That's exactly the situation Ashley Jones finds herself in. She'll be doing her best to speak fluent Japanese in casual, academic AND business situations.

And I Want To Personally Invite You To Come Along.

My name is Peter Galante and I want to answer the question you've probably been asking...

"Who is Ashley Jones?"

She's the main character in Gengo Languages interactive Japanese course. And today when you begin the first three of our comprehensive 30 lessons for FREE, she'll be leaving on a plane from her home in New York to Japan.

As you follow Ashley through 30 fun lessons, you'll get to learn and absorb the Japanese language as she uses it in a variety of situations.

  • With strangers on a plane,
  • asking for directions,
  • traveling in cabs and mass transportation,
  • ordering in restaurants,
  • conversing with new friends,
  • in business meetings,
  • AND even giving a toast.

And because you studied Japanese in this REAL WORLD fashion, you'll learn what others often DON'T learn in the classroom: how Japanese people REALLY talk.

What To Expect From Your First Free Lesson.

Forget dry academic methods that barely belong in a classroom.

Gengo Japanese is a new, fun and engaging way to effectively master conversational Japanese in 30 lessons or less.

Your first free lesson, like those that follow, will center around a conversation like this one...

Day One: A Call From A Friend

Suddenly, the phone rings.

Your anxious friend is on the other end asking in Japanese, "Is your departure tomorrow?"

Laughing, you reply in Japanese, "No, my departure is today!"

Excitedly, he yells back into the phone in Japanese, "Yeah! Your flight is leaving now?!"

You are sure at this point the he must have stayed up all night in anticipation of your return! You explain to him in Japanese, "No, it is only 4:00 AM in New York!" My flight is departing at 11:00!"

Saddened by the fact that he will have to wait several more hours, he answers in Japanese, "I hope your flight is nice...."

See? No phony conversations you'll never really have. Instead, Ashley is put in to real world conversations you're likely to experience as a new Japanese speaker.

Each conversation comes with several audio clips. Professional voice actors will read the conversation 3 times - and at different speeds so you can hear, repeat and absorb each sentence.

To make it even easier, a transcript is provided in English, Romaji, Kana AND Kanji.

To make it even easier AGAIN, we provide a review track that pauses after each sentence giving you time to repeat each sentence and compare against the Japanese speakers.

To make it even easier ONCE MORE, important vocab words have their OWN audio tracks broken down by syllable, so you'll never have trouble pronouncing words correctly.

You see...

While Other Japanese
Courses Make You So
Frustrated You Want To
Scream BANZAI!!!

...Gengo Japanese takes you by the hand and helps you absorb the language quickly and correctly... so even native speakers will be amazed at your Japanese skills.

How Gengo Japanese Helps Beginners Master Japanese Fast...

In the "Core Gengo Lessons" you'll learn formality, proper grammar and new vocabulary words with proper pronunciation.

But if you're a complete beginner, Gengo Languages "Basic Bootcamp" series will help you take a step back and practice the SOUNDS of the Japanese language first... so that as you learn new words your pronunciation will be correct.

Good News: There are far fewer sounds to learn in Japanese than there are in English.

AND words sound just like they're spelled, leaving far less confusion than English words like phone, knight, science, motion, gnome or righteous that sound WAY different than they look phonetically.

And not only will you be confident you're pronouncing words correctly, you'll also be using correct formality... which is VERY important!

Gengo Languages Teaches You To
Speak Perfect Japanese In
ALL Social Situations

In Japan you are expected to talk to different people with socially appropriate phrases. So with each lesson you can expect a specific formality level.

This is important because if you talk to superiors or even peers with the wrong formality level, you could be very insulting! On the other hand, in a more casual setting the wrong formality may sound like you're reading a textbook instead of chatting. A big social mistake!

That's why Gengo Languages makes sure to teach formality with every lesson. At the end of 30 lessons you'll be speaking...

Conversational Japanese: After 30 lessons you'll find it easy to make new friends and experience life in Japan... with NO TRANSLATION BOOKS!

Business Japanese: You won't have to hold back as you negotiate with Japanese business partners or prospects. You'll possess the technical vocabulary and speaking fluency to gain their respect (which is, as you may know, huge in Japanese society).

Academic Japanese: Not only will Gengo Languages teach you to speak Japanese like a native, you can even attend Japanese schools!

With all 3 formalities covered, we'll meet our goal of making sure...

If You Were Suddenly DROPPED OFF In
Japan, You'd Have All The SURVIVAL
JAPANESE Skills You Need.

You may want to learn Japanese for business, to get a new job, to supplement your classroom courses or simply to learn a new language. And that's great...

... but WE teach Japanese as if you were about to be dropped off by yourself in the middle of Japan.

After 30 lessons you'll be prepared to...

  • Pay for items in Yen.
  • Get a hotel room.
  • Greet and converse with new friends.
  • Ask for help riding trains.
  • Call, direct and pay a taxi cab.
  • Order at a restaurant.
  • Show proper etiquette eating at a host's house.
  • Make a toast.
  • And MORE.

...Guaranteeing that Gengo Languages will have you ready to speak Japanese with any native speaker.

Take a look at just some of our happy students who are already experiencing results...

"Absolutely Bloody Brilliant!"
And Other Glowing Testimonials

"I Love The Way You Teach"

Rarely do I keep an interest as long as I have with Japanese.

I love the language. I love the way you teach it and cannot tell you how much I still enjoy the lessons.

The Japanese people I know have all asked me how I came to learn the Japanese I know.

They have all commented at how well you have taught the formal and informal ways of speaking. Keep up the great work!

- Shane Ancona

"I started listening to Japanese lessons instead of music on my iPod!"

I was studying Japanese at school. After the first month, school became so exhausting with tests everyday and vast amounts of knowledge to learn. I felt overwhelmed. I was actually losing my passion for the language. And then "Boom!" I found out about Gengo Languages through a friend.

What started as a Free 10 lesson course became my best language tutor. The lessons progess step-by-step, and I was actually able to understand the concepts we were learning in class!

I started listening to Japanese lessons instead of music on my iPod! My friends thought I was crazy, but it all paid off when I met a Japanese person at school and was able to have a conversation in Japanese! My confidence, which had been lost, was again found.

Thank you again!

Chad Meyers.
New York, United States

"I'm Only At The Beginning... But It's Been Fantastic."

I just wanted to drop you a line to say "thank you" for putting together such a brilliant programme of learning. My girlfriend is Japanese and although we've been together for years (but still on opposite sides of the world, boo!) I've never managed to learn, much to my shame. It's not for want of trying, but I've never got very far with text books and CDs, and there are no lessons locally. (And I can't deny that Ayako fluency in English has made me lazy when I am in Japan.)

GengoLanguages.com has changed all that. I'm only at the beginning (8 lessons or so in to the beginner series), but it's been fantastic. The lessons are so lively and friendly; it really feels like I am listening to some friends chatting. And it's all day-to-day, practical stuff. The next time I am in Tokyo I'll have to pluck up the courage to try it all out.

As a final aside, in my professional life I design procedural learning for a branch of the UK government. The way you guys do things is so effective; I am rather jealous! There is much my colleagues and I could learn from you!

Anyway, Gengo Languages: absolutely bloody brilliant!

With very best wishes,

Paul Walkinshaw
Sheffield, England

"Thanks For Being
There For Me..."

I started tutoring as a volunteer at a local elementary two years ago. In 2007 as I was being introduced to a new class and teacher, the principal stated that these two kids had just come from Japan.

To my surprise I was going to tutor reading and math to an english as a second language first grade class. I thought that I could not do this as I did not know any Japanese. These kids are great and we are both learning together. I help them with English and they are helping me learn Japanese.

That's why your offer was too good to be true. I have only had my Gengo Languages for two months, but so far it has been a great way to learn Japanese as well as practice the proper pronunciation.

Thanks for being there for me and the kids,

Joe Prather
Michigan, United States

Follow Ashley's Journey On Any Audio
Device: Your Computer, MP3 Player, Or Car's
CD Player.

Each lesson is made up of both audio and written components published inside of our online members area (so you can access them instantly).

And ALL audio can be downloaded as MP3 to your computer and uploaded to an iPod or burned on to a CD. That means you can master Japanese WHEREVER you're comfortable.

(As another option, you can have the physical CD's, DVD's and 400 page workbooks sent to your doorstep.*)

Gengo Languages' Japanese course can be accessed digitally
OR the CD and DVD set with workbooks can be sent to your doorstep.

Claim Your 3 Lessons
FREE For 72 Hours Below...

It's time to claim your 3 free Japanese lessons, so here's the deal:

Gengo Japanese is a 30 lesson course, designed for one lesson per day. Each lesson contains an Audio Conversation with English/Romaji Line-By-Line Transcript, Grammar Points, Cultural Insights, Vocabulary Reinforcement and a quiz to help you absorb the lesson.

These 30 lessons alone are equivalent to $249.00-$499.00 language learning courses you might find elsewhere. But we've LOADED Gengo Japanese with even more valuable learning materials to ramp up your fluency.

As a bonus for absolute beginners, we've added 6 Pronunciation and 5 "Basic Bootcamp" audio lessons.

For intermediate to advanced Japanese Speakers, we've included 10 Conjugation audio lessons and 12 Appendix audio lessons for learning numbers, times, family members, and more.

That's 61 audio lessons with a bundle of supporting materials to help you learn Japanese fast.

And instead of bumping our prices to $250.00, $300.00 or $500.00, you can get access to all 61 online Gengo Japanese lessons for $199 $97.

Your 3 Free Lessons:

At one lesson a day, it should take you 3 days to complete 3 lessons. So I'm going to let you try the online Gengo Japanese 100% free for 3 days to try it out.

To get your 3 free days, order through the form below and try out the 3 free lessons. I think you'll LOVE them - and if you do, do nothing. At the end of 3 days your card will be charged $97 and you can keep all 61 audio lessons forever.

On the otherhand, if after trying out Gengo Japanese you're not absolutely convinced it's your ticket to learning conversational Japanese quick, just cancel your order within 3 days. We'll never charge your card a penny.

Our "3 Days Free" offer is deemed
secure by Comodo as a Secure & Authentic Site.

"How Long Will It Take Me To
Become Fluent In Japanese?"

Gengo Japanese teaches you to be relatively conversationally fluent in 30 days if you follow the course.

Most people don't believe "conversationally fluent" to be the same as "fluent" however. And that's why we're throwing in an additional HUGE bonus.

When you claim your 3 free lessons by ordering above, you'll also get...

1 Month Free Membership To Our Premier JapanesePod101.com Site

JapanesePod101.com Has Been Featured In
Newsweek, PC Magazine and The Japan Times

Yes! As a special BONUS when you take advantage of this offer before , we'll automatically include 1 FREE MONTH of Premium Membership to JapanesePod101.com to your order. That's a $25.00 value!

And that's just if you get the online version of Gengo Japanese. If you order the CD/DVD version of Gengo Japanese we'll give you 12 FREE MONTHS of Premium Membership to JapanesePod101.com. That's a $264.00 value!

Your JapanesePod101.com Premium Membership includes exclusive benefits like:

  • Comprehensive, user-friendly, language lessons
  • Portable Survival Phrases Center
  • Quick Pronunciation & Accent Review
  • Easy Transcription Translation
  • Instant Access Kanji & Word Banks
  • Informal Speech (used with family & friends only) Conversation Lessons
  • Complete Audio Archive Access
  • Instant Online Lesson Discussions (connect with other students online!)
  • Instant Word Finder
  • 1-on-1 Live Instructor Hours
  • ...and so much more!

"(JapanesePod101.com) podcasts offer a painless and FREE way to bone up on the language and culture in a relevant, realworld way that you won't get in a class room or on a CDROM."

Brian Heater,
PC Magazine

JapanesePod101.com has delivered over 60,000,000 downloads of educational audio lessons, video lessons, and iPhone application by people just like you looking to have fun learning Japanese and learn at their own pace.

And you'll get 1 month free when you join Ashley Jones and her 30-Day Adventure in Gengo Japanese.

Our "3 Days Free" offer is deemed
secure by Comodo as a Secure & Authentic Site.

Thanks For Reading,

Peter Galante

PS I didn't even mention this before because Gengo Japanese comes with SO MUCH material I didn't want to overwhelm you. But here are the titles of 9 more audio lessons that come with your order NOT mentioned above...

  • Top 5 Must Know Japanese Phrases
  • Top 5 Japanese Dishes You Have to Try and Top 5 Dishes for the Really Brave!
  • Top 5 things you need to know about Japanese Society
  • Top 5 Important Dates in Japan
  • Top 5 pop culture things/icons you need to know about Japan
  • Top 5 Tools for Learning Japanese
  • Top 5 Classroom Phrases in Japanese
  • Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You
  • Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes in Japanese

And you know what? There's more where that came from :)

Order Gengo Japanese by clicking the link below and you won't be charged for 3 days. If you don't like what you see, cancel during those 3 days and never be charged a thing.

Our "3 Days Free" offer is deemed
secure by Comodo as a Secure & Authentic Site.

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